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Turn Your Unused or Unwanted Lot
into Cash.

If you own a lot you’re not using or just don’t want, chances are it’s costing you hard-earned money in taxes and utilities, not to mention precious time to maintain it. At Independence Homeland, we can help turn qualifying lots from the burden of an ongoing expense into the advantage of quick, easy cash—even if it has an unusable mobile home on it or you’ve had trouble selling it in the past.

We Keep it Simple.

At Independence Homeland there are:

  • No listing fees.
  • No realtors.
  • No expensive commissions.
  • No closing costs.

For more information, see our FAQs or watch this informative video.

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Here’s How it Works

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1. No Obligation Assessment

Our team will quickly perform a value assessment with no risk or obligation on your part. 

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2. Fast All-Cash Offer

For properties meeting our criteria, we’ll make you an all-cash offer that you can use however you choose.


Pay off some bills. Make a purchase you’ve always dreamed about. Turn an unused asset into the financial freedom you want!


Preserving and Expanding Affordable Housing

Independence HomeLand is a Florida-based company dedicated to expanding and preserving affordable housing for hardworking Americans. Unlike many housing developers, our focus is not on creating “McMansions,” and we do not invest in subsidized or government-assisted public housing. Instead, we invest in and build “workforce” housing, housing for hardworking Americans like you.


While our focus is on lots that can be used for manufactured housing and where we can facilitate fast closings, we may consider other smaller lots if they are zoned for residential use and can economically support new manufactured (or “mobile”) housing.


For details, see the FAQ section below.


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Our Commitment

When you sell your unused or unwanted lot to Independence HomeLand, we use it to create housing opportunities for others. It’s all part of our commitment to providing housing solutions for hardworking families throughout the Sun Belt region. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is IHL Interested in “Manufactured Housing?”  

We see particular value in “manufactured” housing, meaning high-quality, factory-built homes that provide the same quality as traditional “site-built” housing. Modern, factory-built homes have similar quality to traditional homes, but–just as a factory-built car is less expensive to manufacture than a hand-built custom vehicle–factory-built homes can be constructed for around half the cost of traditional homes while offering the same quality and pride of ownership. 


What Kinds of Properties Does IHL Buy?  

We value properties that can provide future ownership opportunities to hardworking Americans. To offer the most value, IHL is looking to purchase small, abandoned, and disused residential lots (or “in fill” lots) within existing residential communities that provide attractive resale opportunities. We are particularly interested in lots on which manufactured housing was previously placed, even if the original homes have been removed or abandoned. 


Whatever the condition of the existing lots, we hope to place on those properties new, high-quality, factory-built homes to sell to Florida’s future homeowners. We especially value small lots, including those less than a quarter acre, but we will consider purchasing larger lots as well.  Properties that have proximity to schools, jobs, major roads, and shopping have additional value. Existing utility hookups or service (water, electric, and sewer) are pluses, as are existing functional wells and septic systems.    


We will consider acquiring land zoned for general residential use as well as certain agricultural land and land zoned for residential manufactured housing.


Does Zoning Matter?  

We are interested in all sorts of residential lots on which manufactured housing could possibly be placed, whether or not that land is specifically zoned for manufactured housing. However, we are usually able to move more quickly on lots that are already zoned for manufactured housing. Typically, it takes us more time to evaluate lots not zoned for manufactured housing, and our offers are contingent on our ability to obtain the proper permits that allow us to move forward.


Are There Properties IHL Will Not Buy?   

We generally do not buy land zoned for industrial or commercial purposes.  And, although we believe in manufactured housing, we do not buy or operate mobile home parks or buy individual lots within mobile home parks.


We will consider buying land in flood zones and land that has not been previously developed (where there are no wells or utilities, or where no impact fees have been paid), but we cannot pay as much for these types of properties because they cost us more to develop.   


We are also unable to buy properties on which clear title cannot be provided, and we may not be able to make offers on properties subject to certain liens or easements. We also do not buy land subject to environmental contamination or other potential civil or criminal liabilities.


This is not an complete list of factors that IHL considers when assessing properties, IHL may consider different criteria including but not limited to size, location, condition, and potential use. Instead, we seek to expand Neighborhood Manufactured Housing™.


Are Your Offers Contingent?   

During our evaluation process, we ask questions about your lot regarding site conditions, neighborhood conditions, and existing utility and sewer hookups. Our offer to you would be contingent on our ability to confirm your descriptions, as well as on absence of hazards such as environmental contamination.   


Certain lots may require additional verifications and contingencies.  For example, if a lot is not already specifically zoned for manufactured housing, our offer will be contingent on the ability to obtain the proper permit.

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